Portfolio management


I have a different view on (investment) portfolio management than what is taught in school. It's taught that portfolio management is about reducing risk, and that's not true.

Portfolio management is about cementing your material status in society.

If that is what you want, and risk means change in your material status, then yes, portfolio management will get you there. Risk to me, at the time of this writing, means exactly the opposite: that my material status won't change! :D So to me, doing portfolio management would be the most foolish thing I could do. That's why I seek risk. In fact, if there is no risk, I'm not interested.

Oddly, students who are taught about portfolio management are mostly also just starting out, so teaching them portfolio management as risk reduction, is kind of foolish.


Imagine an infinite portfolio, that is, you buy shares in everything according to your wealth relative to society. Obviously, then, your material status could not change relative to society.

While you can't do that in real life, portfolio management is nevertheless a step towards this ideal direction.


If you are young and not rich, enjoy the advantages of not having to loose anything, and follow the risk. :)

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